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If you wish for us to estimate the value of your precious metals or if you wish to sell them, please call or come in for an appraisal.

Precious metals include the gold category, such as 24k, or pure gold, as well as 22k, 18k, 14k or 10k. There is also white gold, yellow gold, green gold, and red and rose gold.

Do you have gold chains or scrap gold or silver? Bring it down or call. Gold is measured in grams and karats and the value varies daily as it is traded. Perhaps you have precious metal from old dental work or crowns. Ask us about these.

The Watch Repair Company of Arizona Buys Gold and Precious Metals

Silver comes in percent purity:

Fine silver is 99.9% silver. It is used for investment and is usually too soft for jewelry.

Britannia silver is 95.84% silver and 4.16 % copper.

French 1st alloy silver is 95% silver and 5 % copper.

Russian zolotnik silver is 94.79%  silver and 5.21 % copper.

Sterling silver is 92.5%  silver and 7.5 % copper.

88 zolotnik Russian silver is 91.66% silver and 8.34 % copper.

American coin silver can contain 75% silver to 90% silver.

84 zolotnik Russian silver is 87.5% silver and 12.5% copper.

Scandinavian silver is 83% silver and 17% copper.

German silver can be 80% to 83.5% silver.

If you are unsure about the silver content of your item, please inquire with us.

Other precious metals include platinum and palladium, as well as ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, and iridium.

Again, please inquire with us and we would be happy to give you an estimation of value.

We are sure you will be pleased with our offer!


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