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With jewelry, especially antique and vintage, collectibility matters!

Did you know that jewelry value depends on rarity and history, and not necessarily the gem or metal it is created with. Examples of collectible jewelry include Native American jewelry, religious jewelry, military dog tags, military medals, military buckles and buttons, bullets used as jewelry, medical alert wear, earrings, bracelets, armlets, chokers, neck rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, class rings, championship rings, chatelaines, brooches, breastplates, anklets, amulets, hair ornaments, crowns, signet rings, membership pins, award pins,service pins, masonic pins, political buttons and pins,cameos,lockets, pendants, craft jewelry, primitive jewelry with wood or shells or animal hair, coinage used as jewelry, arrowheads, animal teeth, bone, shells, ivory and other archaeological collectibles used as jewelry, ornamental and jeweled daggers, costume jewelry, and more...

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